Tanning Packages



Engineered with perfect results in mind, this 20 minute, low pressure bed helps you achieve a more natural looking brown or bronze tan.



Equipped with high-pressure facial tanners, and extended tanning surface, the level 2 beds position you for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a much larger sunbed. (15 min.)



Stand Up: This tanning unit delivers a beautifully even, full body tan with over 6.5 feet of tanning power, for tanners who are on the go. (12 min.)

Lay Down: This tanning unit imparts excellent tanning results with a perfect combination of a high bronzing, low reddening effect and includes comfort cooling ventilation. (12 min.)



This bed combines astonishing tanning performance and comfort features to create the most powerful tanning experience in the salon. 12 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and the side plus 26 turbo power UV lamps give a deep long-lasting tan.

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